LETTER: Think about the poor when increasing electricity tariffs

Electricity tariffs protest. Picture: Tracey Adams

Electricity tariffs protest. Picture: Tracey Adams

Published Apr 24, 2024


I am a pensioner who supports three school-going children who live with an uncle who is unemployed and I’m struggling with this electricity issue.

When I buy R50 electricity it only lasts for two days. This is hitting very hard on my budget.

Now with the increase of the electricity tariff it means I will have to dig deeper into my pocket which I feel will not be fair, they are children who are dependent on me for electricity.

When I don’t have money for electricity they either survive on bread or they devise means of making a fire and cook outside. This is very unfair and difficult to handle.

Please, whoever is responsible for electricity, think about the poor people who can’t buy electricity every day!!!!

* Thandeka Tsutsu, Gugulethu.

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