Chrissy Teigen hits back at a medical professional who accused her of having fillers

Chrissy Teigen. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Chrissy Teigen. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published Jun 10, 2024


Chrissy Teigen has slammed a medical professional who accused her of having fillers.

The 38-year-old model has taken to social media to deny having had fillers and to highlight the dangers of spreading rumours online.

Chrissy - who is married to the Grammy-winning musician John Legend - said on Instagram: "Would you trust a doctor that couldn't tell filler from weight gain? I personally wouldn't.

"And also, my doctor would never, ever, hang out on Instagram and dissect people's faces … he's too busy working.

"Also, last thing on this, just because I've already started. Those kinds of critiques only serve to make the person you're talking about not want to smile and show their natural joy because they think that people are going to make fun of them because of their bone structure, maybe their teeth, their lips, how they look when they smile."

Chrissy subsequently argued that critics need to be careful about what they say online.

The model - who has previously appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue - said: "Like, what does this really do, other than truly steal somebody else's joy? Literally. So that stinks. And you aren't a bad person, but what you said stinks, and maybe you'll think about it from now on."

Meanwhile, Chrissy previously admitted to having had three boob jobs.

The model - who has been married to John since 2013 - said on 'Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen': "I feel like the boob job thing is never going to come back around and now no one’s going to know. I’ve had a lift, a put in, a take them out. I don’t like them out."

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