Empowering women through investment

Kerryn Campion, Chief Operations Officer of Aions Creative Technology and Aions Exchange. Image: Supplied.

Kerryn Campion, Chief Operations Officer of Aions Creative Technology and Aions Exchange. Image: Supplied.

Published Mar 8, 2024


As we celebrate International Women's Day, it is important to reflect on the strides made toward achieving gender equality while acknowledging the challenges women face when it comes to economic empowerment.

In South Africa and across Africa, the number of female investors is extremely low compared to counterparts in more developed nations as reported by femaleinvest.com.

Thirty eight percent of women are leading households and serve as primary breadwinners, which in turn creates hesitancy towards investment as that’s often the money used to survive and meet daily needs, according to Kerryn Campion, the chief operations officer of Aions Creative Technology and Aions Exchange.

“A major factor contributing to this hesitancy can be attributed to the risks involved. Many women, although most of them experts in managing household finances are not so keen to invest their money elsewhere. This hesitancy presents an opportunity for platforms like AEX (Aions Exchange), to help South Africans looking to build wealth to intervene and offer risk-free investment solutions suited to women's needs,” Campion said.

She further told Business Report that often than not, female-led households prioritise stability and long-term financial security.

“Providing avenues for low-risk investment, AEX not only empowers women to secure their financial futures but also enables them to actively participate in shaping the course of their households. Moreover, by supporting female entrepreneurs through investment, AEX fosters a cycle of empowerment, amplifying the impact of economic growth within communities,” Campion said.

She said it was crucial to recognise that economic empowerment is not all about individual gain, but a catalyst for broader societal transformation.

“As more women embrace investment opportunities, they not only secure their own financial independence, but also contribute to closing the gender wealth gap and fostering inclusive economic growth. International Women's Day serves as a reminder to remove barriers and create a more equitable world that women can benefit from.”

“By championing initiatives such as AEX that prioritise women's economic empowerment, we take significant strides towards realising a future where every woman has the opportunity to thrive,“ Campion said.