Road users urged to plan journeys around new construction phase of Mitchells Plain MyCiTi route

Temporary traffic flow changes along AZ Berman for approximately nine months. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied

Temporary traffic flow changes along AZ Berman for approximately nine months. Picture: City of Cape Town/Supplied

Published Jun 17, 2024


Mitchells Plain residents and road users have been advised of traffic flow changes along AZ Berman Drive due to the construction of the next phase of the MyCiTi bus services.

The temporary traffic flow changes are expected to be in effect for about nine months.

Phase 2A of MyCiTi will link residents of Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain with the hubs of Claremont and Wynberg via the bus services.

The upcoming work forms part of Phase 2A and the required roadworks will affect traffic flow along Stock Road/AZ Berman Drive, between the Nduli Street and Petunia Road intersections.

Mayco member for Urban Mobility, Rob Quintas, said this could result in longer travel time for motorists, and road users were advised to plan their journeys.

“We thank residents for their patience while these works are under way. We understand the planned work will result in longer journey times for motorists in the area, so we urge commuters to plan their travel, factor in extra travel time and follow the signage to help keep traffic moving safely. The City apologises for the inconvenience but ultimately has to strike a balance between the accommodation of traffic during construction and investing in road infrastructure for the future roll-out of MyCiTi bus services as part of our Metro South-east corridor programme.

“This project will ultimately deliver safe, affordable, direct public transport services that will eventually also reduce traffic congestion; uplift surrounding areas and keep Mitchells Plain moving well into the future,” said Quintas.

Over the next nine months, residents should note the following:

  • Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in both north and southbound directions along AZ Berman Drive, with the exception during the afternoon traffic peak hours (from 15:00 onwards), where one northbound lane will be sacrificed to accommodate a third, dedicated right-turning lane travelling southbound at the intersection of AZ Berman/Highlands Drive.
  • The addition of a third lane travelling southbound on AZ Berman Dr from 15:00 onwards, is to make provision for the heavy right-turning movement from AZ Berman Dr onto Highlands Dr in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion.
  • Public transport stops along the affected stretch will not be accessible to commuters during construction. Temporary poles have been placed along the temporary road configuration to make it safe and convenient for passengers to board and exit during construction.
  • A temporary walkway and a pedestrian crossing with signalised traffic lights and signage will help people navigate safely on foot and avoid the construction area.

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