Mihlali Ndamase criticises South Africans following rumours linking her to married Zimbabwean businessman

Mihlali Ndamase has slammed South Africans for associating her with a man she has never met. Picture: Instagram

Mihlali Ndamase has slammed South Africans for associating her with a man she has never met. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 25, 2024


Digital content creator and beauty influencer Mihlali Ndamase expressed gratitude to Zimbabwean businessman Wicknell Chivayo for dispelling rumors suggesting they are dating.

Ndamase is currently in Miami in the United States, living her best life but that hasn’t stopped the gossip mongers from spilling tea.

“Meet Mihlali Ndamase's new boyfriend Wicknell Chivayo,” tweeted Musa Khawula.

“High calorie; Wicknell Chivayo who hails from Zimbabwe and his new beau are currently on vacation in Miami.”

The award-winning digital creator thanked the Zimbabwean businessman for clearing the room after being linked with yet another wealthy man, thanks to the rumour mill. Picture: Screenshot

Chivayo took to his official Instagram account to clarify that he was not dating the famous South African media personality.

“This utterly absurd rumour is therefore nothing more than a BASELESS FALSEHOOD originated by some attention seeking blogger known as @The Instigator on X whose feelings and ego were tormented when I posted my latest purchase of a 2024 Rolls Royce Spectre on social media.

“He found an opportunity to find relevance by fabricating a pathetic story out of desperation for online attention,” wrote Chivayo.

The “young black filthy rich millionaire” explained that he understands that his opulent lifestyle does make him trend online for no reason, but with a reputation to protect he had to put a stop to the “spurious and defamatory controversies”.

Wicknell, who is believed to have married Sonja Madzikanda in 2017 and shares two children with her, gained notoriety due to his alleged involvement in fraudulent activities related to large government contracts in Zimbabwe.

Ndamase was previously romantically linked to businessman Leeroy Sidambe, who is separated from his estranged wife and undergoing divorce proceedings. Their relationship was the talk of social media.

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