SOA Mattrix has released a new album, ‘Akani’

SOA Mattrix. Piicture: Supplied

SOA Mattrix. Piicture: Supplied

Published May 31, 2024


By Cebolethu Shinga

‘Mina Nawe' and ‘Uthando’ hitmaker, SOA Mattrix has released a brand new album, ‘Akani’, meaning building.

Mandla Mashakeni, professionally known as SOA Mattrix is a DJ and music producer who has made waves with his distinctive blend of charisma and passion for amapiano music.

In an interview with IOL, Mattrix said the name ‘Akani’ conveys a dual meaning, as it represents both a dedication to his son and a symbol of his work to "build up" and support emerging talents in the music industry.

“By naming the project ‘Akani’, it was a way of showing the world that these are the people that I’ve worked with in this project, meaning I’m also building them and involving them in this industry,” said Mattrix.

The 26-year old described the album as a beacon of hope for those facing hardships in their lives, with the project serving as a message of resilience and persistence for those who are working hard to achieve their dreams.

“This is for the people who hustle. It’s a message to them that they must not give up,” he explained.

The new album includes a list of features such as Murumba Pitch, Sipho Magudulela, Cnethemba Gonelo, and others. This collaboration, according to Mattrix has allowed him to gain insight into their unique experiences and perspectives through their storytelling.

“I’ve got to learn a lot of things from the vocalist, because they were sharing stories about their lives and experiences, which I had never heard before,” said Mattrix.

As a father, Mattrix claimed that he has found a way to invest time in his son and family, while also devoting himself fully to his work.

“Spending time with my son, that’s where I get most of my inspiration for making music”.

In his new album, Mattrix has 15 songs. However, the artist claimed that ‘Umoya Wami’ by Bassie is his son’s favourite. In this song, the artist is talking to God to protect her spirit and make her strong.

“So, I take that and reflect on my son. Whenever I think of him, that is where I get most of my power to accomplish a lot. That, to me, means a lot,” shared the artist.

Furthermore, Mattrix also revealed plans for an upcoming tour in the UK and the launch of a YouTube series in which he would create exclusive mixtapes while travelling from city to city.

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