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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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Trevor Noah weighs in on the ‘Marilyn Monroe’s dress loaned to Kim Kardashian’ saga

Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

Trevor Noah. Picture: Instagram

Published Jun 23, 2022


Multi-award winning comedian and “The Daily Show” host, Trevor Noah has weighed in on the ongoing discussions about Kim Kardashian wearing and destroying Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress at the Met Gala last month.

In his latest episode of the late night show he blamed the ‘Ripley's Believe It Or Not!’ museum for lending out the dress but also said that Kim should have used “better judgement”.

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“Sometimes I feel bad for Kim Kardashian. When she doesn’t wear clothes, people are angry, when she does wear clothes, people are angry. What’s a lady to do?” joked Noah at first.

He continued, “The Marilyn Manroe dress is a one-of-a-kind piece of American history, right. The Met Gala happens every year. People dress like hamburgers there. You could have worn anything else, because if you are entrusted with a piece of American history, you better do everything you can to take care of it,” said Noah.

He said Kim took a big risk with a delicate artefact and it backfired, but Ripley’s deserves most of the blame.

“They’re the ones who loaned the dress to Kim. If they told her to wear it, then that’s on them.“

Noah admitted that he understood the temptation.

“If the Louvre called me and they said I could kiss the Mona Lisa for a selfie, I would do it and use tongue,” he jokingly added.

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He ended that a lot of people were at fault for the iconic dress getting ruined and suggested that Ripley’s sell the dress to a “real” museum that will look after it properly while Kim should choose something from Ripley’s to wear to next year’s Met Gala.

Viewers weighed in on the saga in the comments, most shared Noah’s sentiments.

cinephile17 commented: “Ripley’s shouldn’t have loaned the dress, but Kim had no right asking to borrow it in the first place. She has access to just about everything. This stunt earned her a lot of press, but she clearly has no conscious or respect for historical objects.”

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“Ripley’s should’ve just given her the replica without telling her it’s a replica. Poor choice on their part and not surprising on hers. She has no understanding of culture and history therefore always appropriating it for her selfish needs,” said St. Jerome.