Goodluck set to headline major international tour

Goodluck announces major international tour. Picture: Supplied

Goodluck announces major international tour. Picture: Supplied

Published Oct 11, 2023


Live-electronic pop producers and songwriters Goodluck are set to embark on a major international tour with headline events across the UK, Ireland and Vietnam this October and November.

The tour, which is dubbed the Get Lucky Summer, comes off the back of the group’s local winter tour success. The tour will see Goodluck play across six cities.

The multi-city tour will see the band perform in Brighton, Southampton, Sheffield, Manchester, and at London’s O2 Academy.

A press release announcing details of the tour shared that they have already broken their own record by selling out the London show in less than eight hours.

For the first time ever, the trio will also be performing in Ireland at Dublin’s The New Academy venue.

The band’s lead vocalist, Juliet Harding, said, “We are so looking forward to connecting with all of our beautiful fans from across the pond! It has been a hot minute and we have lots to catch up on.

“The energy of our UK fans is unmatched. I'll never forget the sweat dripping off the ceiling the last time we played The Garage - it was a wild and crazy hot night.

“On this tour we are bringing a show that takes people on a ride, it picks them up, knocks all the bad energy out of them and sweeps them off on a fast-paced roller-coaster of dancing.”

Harding also added that it’s a show that is about forgetting your worries, putting aside all the “nonsense” the world is throwing at us and letting go for a few hours of absolute fun.

Moving further east, the group are set for a headline slot at The Monsoon Festival in the historical setting of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long.

Ben Peters, the band’s founder and producer, added, “I’ll never forget that 10,000 strong Hanoi crowd! What a night it was.

“Everyone in the audience had LED glow sticks and it just made this sea of colour and light - it was magical. We came off stage just buzzing - they were an incredible crowd.’’