Yolanda Monyai on missing out on R2 million and the lessons learnt inside the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ house

'Big Brother Mzansi S'ya Mosha' contestant Eulanda Monyai better known as Yolanda. Picture: Supplied

'Big Brother Mzansi S'ya Mosha' contestant Eulanda Monyai better known as Yolanda. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 4, 2024


The fourth season of ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ is finally done and dusted and what a season it was. Two contestants were disqualified in one season, the housemates clearly lived up to the ‘S’ya Mosha’ slogan.

Eulanda “Yolanda” Monyai during her time inside the ‘Big Brother Mzansi’ house was a huge fan favourite with many voting for her to win the show.

However, Yolanda was disqualified from the show after she made comments about her wishes to molest a contestant.

Her fans, known as the YoliFires, were more than understanding and forgiving in light of the serious accusation.

“My disqualification taught me that it’s very important to understand things before you say them,” she tells IOL Entertainment.

“You can’t just say them because they could cost you R2 million and also it’s very important to know exactly what it is that you are saying. In my case, I didn't have a clear understanding of the word that I uttered, which led to my disqualification.”

In a statement, Multichoice said: “We do not condone any acts that threaten the safety of the housemates on the show, and we take Gender Based Violence seriously.

“Therefore, the housemate who made the threatening remarks (Yolanda) has been disqualified from the game".

She may have learnt the importance of understanding words that one speaks but Yolanda also learnt how creative she is after making a dress from scratch, tapping into her acting skills, presenting and holding a musical note.

“You can be whatever you want to be in life, if you put your mind and heart into it you can make it also don’t limit yourself to what you know because there is more to what you know and think you can do.”

While her time inside the house was limited, the 32-year-old sales consultant and model from Limpopo made an impact, gaining a supportive audience who rallied around her when she was disqualified.

Social Media Boom

Her social media following has grown immensely since her time with ‘Big Brother Mzansi’. On Instagram, she now has over 100,000 followers and even has verified her account due to all the accounts popping in her name.

Yolanda’s GoGet Funding page has already made over R100 000, she also received donations into her personal bank account. She has been making appearances, even being MacG’s ‘Podcast and Chill’.

She may have not planned for fame outside the ‘Big Brother House’ house and Yolanda is taking everything as it comes, learning how to handle things as they come.

With plans for a book in the pipeline, South Africans will be seeing more of Yolanda in the cut-throat entertainment industry.

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