WATCH: ‘Come Dine With Me’ secrets revealed

TikToker Benjy reveals ‘Come Dine With Me’ secrets. Picture: TikTok screenshot

TikToker Benjy reveals ‘Come Dine With Me’ secrets. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published May 21, 2024


If you’re a fan of the hilarious cooking show ‘Come Dine With Me’, then I’m sure you have wondered about what really happens on the show.

TikTok user @benjysbanter, who was a contestant on the British Come Dine With Me in 2020, has opened up about what happens behind the scenes.

Here are some of the secrets people don’t know about the show.

The one thing people don’t realise is that each dinner party lasts eight hours.

“You get in a cab. They don’t tell you where the cab’s going. And then you get dropped off at a random house at about four o’clock and then you wrap filming around midnight.”

Therefore it’s no surprise that by the time the food is served, it’s in fact cold.

@benjysbanter I thought it was about time I told you what really happens when filming Come Dine With Me. I was on the show in 2020. #filming #comedinewithme ♬ original sound - Benjy P

“They have to take so many different shots of it, that by the time it gets on your plate and you eat it, it’s cold,” he says.

He adds that you get £125 (about R2900) to pay for the food and drink on your night, and people bring extra drinks.

In part two of his four-part series, he shares that they take alcohol away from contestants because some of them get too drunk, especially since it takes such a long time to film each night.

@benjysbanter Yes the Come Dine With Me cash is real. I’ve got some more behind the scenes secrets from the show. #comedinewithme ♬ original sound - Benjy P

On the night of your own dinner party, the film crew arrives at 8 am and then leaves at midnight.

He then goes into detail about how each section is filmed.

There are two camera crews. One camera crew shoots the morning and afternoon while you prepare your dishes and the other comes in when the guests start arriving.

During the dinner, there’s only one camera capturing all the reactions, and that’s another reason why it takes so long to shoot the scene.

@benjysbanter Replying to @Edith (Dianna’s version) Part 4 is served. Lots of you asking what actually happens on the day of your own dinner party. Here is an hour by hour account. I’ve had to break it into two parts cause it was SO long. Also, I’ve shared how you can watch my episode. #comedinewithme ♬ original sound - Benjy P

Have you ever wondered if the money that they throw up in the air at the end of the show is real? Well, it is!

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