LOOK: Mihlali Ndamase airbrushes only her face in a picture where she poses next to Rihanna - people want to know why

Mihlali Ndamase poses next to Rihanna. Picture: Instagram

Mihlali Ndamase poses next to Rihanna. Picture: Instagram

Published May 9, 2024


Mihlali Ndamase attended the Fenty Beauty Soft Lit Glow launch in Los Angeles a week ago, and of course, took to Instagram to drop images from the event where Rihanna was in attendance.

In one of the images, we see the fashion and beauty influencer posing next to Rihanna.

At first, it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with the image until one takes a closer look at Ndamase's face and notices that it’s been edited.

X users were quick to pick this up and now people are wondering why she would do that.

Many are saying that she did it to make herself look better than the ‘Umbrella’ singer, while others are saying that Ndamase is, in fact, more attractive than Rihanna.

@ChrisExcel102 pointed out that the image was tweaked when she took to X saying: “Mihlali airbrushed herself so she can cook Rihanna on this pic and liked every comment that says she looks better than Rihanna 😭😭Mean Girl energy.”

— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) May 7, 2024

@Arnold_Von_Mash responded to the post saying: “Imagine standing to take a picture with a billionaire, and your followers see it as competition 🤡 Haai some mentalities are wild.”

While @InkunziUMthiya said: “It's wild competing with someone 10 years older than you with 2 kids…”

However, @sage_nativ commented: “Mihlali is prettier than Rihanna, makeup or no make-up, Rihanna is not that beautiful if u have seen her pics with makeup.”

@Asa_Sigoxo said: “Chris Mimi is beautiful without makeup and airbrush.”

Ndamase has since turned off the comments on that specific Instagram post.

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