Chinese auto giant BYD wants to attack global bakkie market with 320kW hybrid Shark

The BYD Shark has a Raptor in its sights. Picture: Supplied / BYD.

The BYD Shark has a Raptor in its sights. Picture: Supplied / BYD.

Published May 22, 2024



China’s BYD is invading the global bakkie market with a new plug-in hybrid pick-up called the Shark.

Launched in Mexico last week, the BYD Shark is built around the company’s new DMO Super Hybrid Off-road Platform which it describes as a revolutionary innovation.

It features a longitudinal electric hybrid system and 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine that produce a combined 320kW.

Ready to rumble with Raptor?

The Shark has a claimed EV range of 100km. Picture: Supplied / BYD.

According to BYD, the Shark will sprint from zero to 100km/h in 5.7 seconds.

The brawny bakkie’s intelligent electric all-wheel drive system can precisely adjust the torque distribution between front and rear axles in a matter of milliseconds to provide optimal grip on all road surfaces.

“The robust power combined with precise electronic control marks a paradigm shift from conventional fuel-based AWD systems, delivering a heightened level of reliability and ease to pick-up users seeking off-road adventure,” BYD says.

According to BYD the new creation is 40 percent more fuel efficient than an equivalent petrol-powered pick-up truck. Of course that will depend on how regularly you charge its BYD ‘Blade’ battery. The carmaker claims an electric-only range of 100km, and a total range of 840km on the NEDC cycle.

The vehicle’s exterior design is said to have been inspired by the predatory ocean creature that it’s named after, although many have seen more than a shade or two of Ford F-150 influence there.

The cabin, designed by Michele Jauch-Paganetti who previously worked for Mercedes, was inspired by space ship consoles. It boasts a 10.25-inch LCD digital instrument cluster and 12.8-inch rotating screen.

The cabin was inspired by a space ship. Picture: Supplied / BYD.

It’s also quite cushy in the back thanks to a 27-degree recline angle, which is unique in the pick-up segment.

But will the BYD Shark ever come to South Africa?

That is certainly not impossible given that the brand has already been launched in South Africa, with the BYD Dolphin recently becoming the country’s cheapest electric vehicle (EV).

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