Extreme new Huayra R Evo is Pagani’s most potent creation ever

Published Feb 12, 2024


By: Double Apex

The Pagani Huayra R Evo is the latest track-only machine from the Italian supercar maker. It is an evolution of the already extreme Huayra R (read more at this link). The R Evo is the most powerful car ever made by Pagani. One of the key differences is the open canopy design.

“The inspiration for the design of the Huayra R Evo struck me during a Formula Indy race in Nashville: as I observed the single-seater cars with their Aeroscreens, the idea of creating a car with protective polycarbonate surfaces and the option to remove the two roof panels to be fully immersed in the allure of the air and the captivating sound of the engine, dawned on me,” said company founder Horatio Pagani.

The Pagani Huayra R Evo is based on the existing Evo. However, the newer machine has a few key changes to earn the ‘evo’ badge. Among these are the removable roof panels, a splitter that extends over 100 mm forward and numerous aero flicks and addenda for better cooling and more downforce.

Most noticeable is the extended tail or ‘codalunga’. This 190 mm extension over the R version has added downforce and aero efficiency. Although Pagani’s press material merely mentions percentage increases rather than absolute numbers. It states: As a result, there is an incredible 45% increase in downforce and a 21% increase in aerodynamic efficiency with the same resistance.

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A high-revving V12 engine lies at the heart of the Evo R. This naturally aspirated unit, sourced from AMG, revs to over 9 000 r/min. As a result the motor produces 662 kW of power and 770 N.m of torque. A six-speed sequential transmission sends all of that to the rear wheels.

The slick-shod machine was created exclusively for track use. Pagani says it can be run at one of the Arte in Pista events that is hosted exclusively for Pagani owners. These non-competitive track events are held at FIA circuits around the world.

Participants get to enjoy a complete track experience including the technical director for data analysis, track engineers and mechanics, as well as a motorsports physiotherapist and nutritionist. Presumably some delicious lunch and high-end vino is also part of the deal once all the driving in concluded.

* This article originally appeared on Double Apex and is used with their permission.