Coffepreneur has dreams of making it big one cup at a time

Harry Mohlala is the owner of Coffee on Grayston, a small company. Picture: Supplied

Harry Mohlala is the owner of Coffee on Grayston, a small company. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 3, 2024


Harry Mohlala is a hard-working entrepreneur who is fuelled by his passion and caffeine. He hits Grayston drive in Alexandria from 6am to 10am selling coffee to motorists. So, his company is aptly named Coffee on Grayston.

Mohlala pours the beverage from a backpack dispenser that he was given by coffee brand Jacobs as a form of sponsorship.

His customers are recognising his hustle and a video of the entrepreneur went viral on social media.

“What inspired me to start is that I did not normally sleep during the day and on the occasions that I did, I had a recurring dream. This kept happening so I decided to chase that dream rather than sleep on it,” he told IOL.

“When I started I did not know if it would work or not, but I stayed true to myself and did not give up. My clients supported me and stood by me. That kept me going,” said Mohlala.

He added that the reception to his business has been good and as a result, he has inspired a lot of young people in the community.

Mohlala believes in empowering others and has done so by hiring Phineas Mamadi. The entrepreneur is also a risk-taker.

“I did not know how to bake but now I serve freshly baked scones daily. The experience has been awesome, it brought out something in me I never thought I had, it taught me patience and resilience.”

However, as he works by a busy road, safety remains a concern.

“Another challenge is that which has to do with the law. I have been told that I am not allowed to sell there. Load shedding is also a major factor because I know and can time how the traffic light works, but when there is no electricity and the people directing traffic they just open for all the cars making me loose clients for the period,” said Mohlala.

He stated that in the future, all he wants is a steady business and a few coffee shops to help others who have struggled with unemployment. “The ultimate objective is to develop a hustling centre that assists individuals with their own businesses and employment placements.”