Play Your Part Academy for SA entrepreneurs

Published Oct 23, 2023


Brand South Africa's Play Your Part initiative is a beacon of inspiration, empowerment, and celebration for South Africans dedicated to creating positive change within their spheres of influence.

In collaboration with the Start Up Tribe, Brand South Africa proudly introduce the Play Your Part Academy.

The Play Your Part Academy aims to equip thousands of individuals with the essential tools and skills needed to actualize their business aspirations. Tailored to cater to various backgrounds, the academy's practical and hands-on courses provide invaluable guidance for students, startups, and small businesses alike.

As South Africa’s youth grapples with an alarming youth unemployment rate of 46.5%, initiatives such as the Play Your Part Academy emerge as beacons of hope for the nation's young people.

South Africa also faces a skills shortage issue in many industries, the Play Your Part Academy aims to address this skills shortage. Addressing a critical need, the academy offers a comprehensive array of short business skills development courses, free of charge.

These courses serve as a springboard for budding entrepreneurs, encouraging them to take their initial steps into the world of business.

With the dire necessity for youth engagement, the academy emerges as a timely solution to foster economic growth and self-reliance.

In March 2023, we saw young successful entrepreneurs endorse and support the Play Your Part Academy across multiple social media platforms.

In recognition of its unwavering commitment to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises, the academy was awarded the "Certificate of SME Support Excellence" from a global organization; World Class Cities.

Remarkably, the Play Your Part Academy democratizes access to critical information, skills, and networks, enabling young individuals to tap into opportunities they would otherwise be deprived of.

The Play Your Part Academy saw a huge influx of young people enrolling and enquiring on courses. They have hinted to be expanding their offering to accommodate academic faculties that were not previously offered by the academy.

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