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Thursday, August 11, 2022

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MediSwift: Hospital Cover designed with today’s young adults in mind

MediSwift caters specifically to the immediate healthcare needs of today’s fit young adults who are in their 20s and 30s.

MediSwift caters specifically to the immediate healthcare needs of today’s fit young adults who are in their 20s and 30s.

Published Apr 14, 2022


As healthy minors develop and grow into strong and fit young adults, it’s natural to believe that there is no need for private health cover at this time in your life – especially when you have a medical history of little-to-no illness. But the young, fit and healthy are not immune to life.

Statistically, young adults have higher emergency room visit rates compared with those immediately younger and older than them.

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Hospitalisations due to car accidents, sports injuries, broken bones, and Covid-19 infection can and do happen. When they do, you want to know that your healing and recovery will be given priority at a hospital where quality treatment is never in question.

With this in mind, Medshield Medical Scheme has launched MediSwift, the Scheme’s first pure hospital cover plan and the latest addition to its existing bouquet of medical aid plan options. MediSwift caters specifically to the immediate healthcare needs of today’s fit young adults who are in their 20s and 30s.

MediSwift is a cost-effective, value-based Hospital Plan. It provides private in-patient hospital care and treatment to young adults by granting access to some of the best hospitals, doctors, surgeons and specialists in South Africa within the Medshield network.

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MediSwift has been developed in collaboration with healthcare experts and includes a wide range of benefits for members related to both chronic and acute conditions.

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Major medical benefits – in hospital

Subject to pre-authorisation, benefits that members on the MediSwift Hospital Plan enjoy include private in-hospital cover through the Compact Hospital Network, with in-hospital procedures paid at the Medshield Tariff (100%).

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Additional physiotherapy and biokinetics benefit for non-professional sportsmen and sportswomen also form part of the plan offering. As MediSwift is a pure hospital plan, it offers no day-to-day benefits, allowing active, healthy individuals the freedom to manage their own daily healthcare.

Medicine on discharge from hospital is also included in this cover option. Medicines are paid at 100% of the cost of the SEP of a product, plus a negotiated dispensing fee, subject to the use of the Medshield Pharmacy Network and Managed Healthcare Protocols.

Bringing further value to members and their dependants on MediSwift are additional lifesaving benefits related to Dentistry, Oncology, Private Ambulance Services, Out of Hospital Family Practitioner Consultations, Specialised Radiology, Non-surgical Procedures and Tests, Mental Health, and Maternity and Wellness.

Bringing affordability for all to private healthcare

South Africa has experienced one of the worst economic downturns in the country’s recent history. The pandemic has caused individuals to cut back on household and personal expenses, which for some, meant health cover.

In this respect, it was important for Medshield to innovate and deliver an affordable hospital plan at low monthly premiums that would ease the financial strain on its members’ budgets. By offering lower tariffs, the Scheme is granting more and more South Africans access to their basic human right of receiving quality healthcare.

Covid-19 access to care

For young adults that require hospitalisation for Covid-19, the outcomes can be quite serious if treatment is not administered with a sense of urgency. MediSwift members can undergo a select number of Covid PCR or antigen tests, with out-of-pocket expenses for the test reimbursed on a positive test result.

This offering, along with remote, nurse-led Videomed consultations with doctors at any SmartCare-enabled clinic and Medshield’s WhatsApp Doc Coronavirus chat option, gives members the convenience of receiving necessary care while remaining safe and socially distant.

To sign up for MediSwift is a simple, seamless way, a convenient digital sign-up form has been developed, which can be found on the Medshield Medical Scheme website.

Ultimately, when it comes to protecting our health, we all have only two choices: hope for the best and join a seemingly never-ending queue in a state hospital. Or, join a private medical cover scheme like Medshield that always keeps you confidently covered and grants peace of mind around your well-being.

The best investment that every young adult can ever make is in their own health. That begins with MediSwift, a world-class hospital plan that that takes your age and lifestyle needs into focus.

Visit for more information on our 9 Medical Aid options. The future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Start Right with MediSwift.

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