South Africa’s Journey to the Final: Rugby World Cup 2023 Predictions



Published Sep 7, 2023


The 2023 Rugby World Cup is set to captivate sports fans across the globe, and anticipation is at an all-time high in South Africa, home of the revered Springboks.

Given the country’s rich rugby history and recent performances, the looming question remains: Can the Springboks go all the way this time? Based on expert predictions we gathered online, we explore South Africa’s likely road to the final.

South Africa in Pool B: A Fierce Competition Ahead

The Springboks find themselves in Pool B, alongside rugby powerhouses like Ireland. Ireland, led by Andy Farrell, has been a strong and consistent team. They’re noted for their high tempo and versatility on the field, making them the favourites in this group. However, South Africa shouldn’t be underestimated. Known for their incredible defence and speed, the Springboks have the ability to give any team a run for their money.

The Long Road to the Final

The Quarter-finals: A Clash with France?

Should the Springboks advance from their pool, as is widely expected, their journey into the knockout stages would likely start with a quarter-final match against France.

Experts predict that the host nation, France will finish top in Pool A. However, predictions also suggest that France could be vulnerable against South Africa’s strengths—particularly in the air and in physicality.

The Semi-finals: Facing Argentina?

If the Springboks come out victorious against France, their next likely opponent would be Argentina, the predicted top finisher in Pool D. While Argentina has historically performed well at Rugby World Cups, the consensus is that the Springboks would have a significant edge, thanks to their tactical finesse and deep squad.

The Grand Finale: Ireland or South Africa?

The ultimate clash could well be against Ireland, who are predicted to win their semi-final match convincingly. While Ireland has been consistent, South Africa’s growth and excellent tournament mentality make them a force to be reckoned with. A South Africa vs Ireland final would be nothing short of spectacular, with both teams well-matched in skill, strategy, and determination. It would be a match that could go either way, with each moment capable of tipping the scales.

Expert Opinions

Given the predicted matchups, South Africa’s road to the final will not be easy. They will likely face some of the toughest teams in rugby history. However, their recent form and unique strengths make them serious contenders for the championship.

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