SPORTS DRIPS: The latest sportswear trends from around the world is back on IOL!

Published Mar 21, 2024


By Sundesh Mahes

SPORTS DRIPS is back in 2024, we will be looking at the latest sportswear trends from sports around the world, and from time to time we will drop into the past to give you that nostalgic feeling on some of the legendary sports gear from all the brands that have been dominant in the market across various sporting codes from running to basketball to football.

The focus will be on how the technology and design impacts each sport and we will also be letting you know which icon uses these items.

Are you back at the gym after that failed New years resolution? Technology is always moving fast and sports stars’ demands are growing as the bar gets higher. Disrupting the market with innovation and meeting the athlete where they need us is what Under Armour does best.

Today we look and the Under Armour TriBase Reign 6. If you veered off course from your New Year's resolutions, the beginning of February provides another chance to re-dedicate yourself to improved fitness and healthy lifestyle goals for the year. With Gen Z, often referred to as "Generation Active," making up 80% of all gym goers, let's delve into their training routines and explore the current trends.

Frequently portrayed as individuals overly fixated on smartphones and social media, Gen Z should not be overlooked when it comes to exercise. Although they indeed dedicate more time to swiping than their predecessors, they demonstrate heightened social consciousness and prioritise health more than any previous generation. Their perspective on fitness is enlightened, emphasising mental well-being, intrinsic motivation, and the desire to be part of a community. A global leader in athletic performance gear, recognises the impact of Gen Z, or 'Generation Active,' on the fitness market and is proud to announce the launch of the unisex setting a new standard in cross-training footwear.

Designed to be an all-in-one powerhouse, this latest addition to the Reign series combines stability, durability, and flexibility to elevate your fitness experience and stands out as the perfect companion for the modern fitness enthusiast.

Verdict: Amazing Stability and style. Its breathable outer layer is perfect for these loadshedding gym session and the grip on the sole provides comfort for all surfaces.

Pricing: R2899 and available nationally. (Fair)

Quote of the Week: “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.”

– Fred Devito

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