Cape Town City Ballet reveals exciting 2024 repertoire under new artistic producer

The Cape Town City Ballet (CTCB) new artistic producer, David Nixon CBE. Picture: Supplied.

The Cape Town City Ballet (CTCB) new artistic producer, David Nixon CBE. Picture: Supplied.

Published Feb 20, 2024


The Cape Town City Ballet (CTCB) made waves as they introduced their new artistic producer David Nixon CBE during a glamorous affair at the Norval Foundation in Tokai.

During this ceremony, the organisation also revealed its exhilarating repertoire for the upcoming 2024 ballet season.

With a history dating back to 1934, the CTCB is set to celebrate its 90th anniversary, marking a milestone in the world of ballet.

Nixon, renowned for his outstanding contributions to the ballet world, shared his artistic vision for the company’s future at the event.

Meanwhile, executive manager Robyn Taylor and the newly appointed artistic deputy, Tracy Li, who is also a former CTCB principal dancer, are the core members of his team.

The stage is now set for a year of artistic ballet brilliance as the CTCB’s offerings will be supported by a talented group of master trainers, which have been drawn from South Africa and abroad.

The festivities begin in May with Nixon CBE’s “I’ve Got Rhythm”, a dynamic fusion of ballet and jazz.

Accompanied by the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, this performance promises to dazzle audiences with its energy.

Meanwhile, guest artists, including principal dancer David Webb and soloists from Cape Town Opera, will add further depth to this already vibrant production.

Following this grand opening, audiences can look forward to a triple bill of ballet performances in August, featuring new works by Nixon, Jazzart’s artistic director Dane Hurst, and international choreographer Kenneth Tindall.

In October, his “Dangerous Liaisons” will take centre stage at the Theatre on the Bay, followed by the highly anticipated 90th-anniversary Gala in November.

Closing the year with traditional splendour, Veronica Paeper’s rendition of “The Nutcracker” promises to delight audiences of all ages.

From the National Ballet of Canada, to the Deutsche Opera Ballet in Germany and Ballet Met in the United States, Nixon CBE’s career spans continents.

His 22-year tenure as the artistic director of the Northern Ballet Theatre in the UK also solidified his reputation as a visionary choreographer and leader in the dance world.

He has since received several accolades for his contributions, including Officer of the Order of the British Empire and Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Nixon’s South African appointment now heralds a new era of artistic excellence for the CTCB.

Bookings for “I’ve Got Rhythm” opened on February 14.

Where: Artscape Opera House, Cape Town.

When: May 17 to 26.

Cost: Tickets start at R200 and are available through Webtickets. You can also purchase tickets by calling 021 421 7695.

The Four/A Summer Season

Step into the world of South African talent with a showcase of four new plays, which will all be part of the The Four/A Summer Season.

The dynamic productions of “Ematyeni”, “Cracked Ground”, “Impoxo”, and “Uhambo (The Travelling) are set to grapple with the complexities of the human experience during times of uncertainty and change.

“Impoxo” is directed by Molupi Lepeli and is choreographed by Buhle T Stefane.

It stars Thabo Mkenene and Kuhle Myathaza as the productions delves into themes of love, queerness and the weight of the past.

As the characters navigate secrets, broken trust and disappointment, they confront how the past of one’s true love can continue to haunt present relationships.

In a theatrical feat, these plays will also be presented in repertory, offering audiences a diverse experience.

Each production promises to ignite the imagination and stir the soul, whether they are performed in English or in isiXhosa with English subtitles.

From the raw emotions of “Ematyeni” to the introspective journey of “Uhambo (The Travelling)”, this season is set to take theatre-goers on a journey of entertainment and introspection.

Where: The Magnet Theatre, Observatory, Cape Town.

When: February 20 - 25. All shows begin at 6.30pm.

Cost: Tickets cost between R50 and R80 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

The Four/A Summer Season. Picture: INSTAGRAM

“A Monster Calls”

Patrick Ness once famously said: "Stories are wild creatures. Who knows what havoc they might wreak?"

Cape Town theatregoers will now get to witness the work of the renowned American-British author first-hand, as they enter the spellbinding world of Ness’s enchanting young adult novel.

Join Conor O’Malley as he encounters a mysterious monster at the stroke of midnight, promising three tales that delve deep into the complexities of morality and the truths of grief.

Through this adaptation, brought to life by the Drama Department of the International School of Cape Town, audiences are in for a theatrical roller-coaster that will tug at heartstrings and ignite the imagination.

Where: The Flipside Theatre at the Baxter Theatre Centre.

When: February 21 to 23 at 7pm.

Cost: Ticket prices vary between R100 - R150 and can be purchased from Webtickets.