‘Ken jy vir Dewie?’ will take theatregoers on a journey of self-discovery

The 'Ken jy vir Dewie?' production team and cast. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

The 'Ken jy vir Dewie?' production team and cast. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

Published Mar 20, 2024


“Ken jy vir Dewie?“

Dewie de Jager is the nice guy that mothers don’t have to warn their daughters about.

He is shy, has an awkward smile and no one really remembers his name.

But deep down, he yearns to be loved, accepted and for his name to be remembered everywhere he goes.

This is the essence of “Ken jy vir Dewie?”, a new stage production which is set to capture the hearts and imaginations of theatregoers.

Award-winning actor Joshwin Dyson stars in this production, which also features Crystal Donna Roberts and Robert Hindley.

The drama is set in a small town and is directed by Margit Meyer-Rödenbeck, who was tasked with bringing out the nuances of the characters and their complex relationships.

Written by Ilne Fourie, the script explores the universal human desires of being validated, which makes “Ken jy vir Dewie?” a tale that many will be able to resonate with.

The stage production also put societal pressures in the spotlight as it reflects on de Jager’s hardships and his quest for self-acceptance.

Meanwhile, it also highlights the importance of human connection in the modern fast-paced and often isolated world.

There are also illustrations of empathy and understanding as theatregoers witness the youngster’s transformation on stage.

De Jager’s interactions with other characters also illustrate the power of empathy and understanding.

“Dewie de Jager” is a story that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, inviting reflection on the true meaning of authenticity.

Where: Laerskool Wesbank in Oudtshoorn.

When: From March 23-27 at 12pm.

Cost: Tickets cost R160 - R200 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

Zimbabwean performer and voice-over artist, Che Mhende. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

Law of Carnage”

In this theatre production, audiences are thrust into a whirlwind of disjointed scenes and intense physicality.

It tells the story of a successful prosecutor whose world is shattered when one of her clients commits suicide, sending her into a downward psychosis spiral.

Through a non-linear timeline, “Law of Carnage questions why society allows violence against women and challenges the way governments address this societal ill.

This inter-disciplinary tale also dives into human nature and morality, as it challenges the understanding of right and wrong.

In the production, audiences will be confronted with the harsh truth about violence and power dynamics within society.

With its fragmented imagery and raw emotion, “Law of Carnage” also invites debates on the complexities of the human condition.

The play’s lead role in portrayed by Che Mhende, a Zimbabwean performer and voice-over artist.

She has earned acclaimed for her roles in Shakespearean plays and original works and has performed on prestigious stages in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Meanwhile, the production is led by writers and directors Iman Isaacs and Razeen Wentworth, who are renowned for their thought-provoking work which addresses social issues.

Isaacs is passionate about using the body to create visually stunning scenes, while Wentworth is determined to explore themes related to the country’s socio-economic climate.

Together, their collaborations produce visually captivating performances that challenge audiences to think deeply.

When: From March 21 - 30 at 8pm.

Where: Baxter Studio at the Baxter Theatre Centre.

Cost: Ticket prices vary between R100- R180 and can be purchased from Webtickets.

James Stewart and John Ellis. Picture: INSTAGRAM.

James Stewart and John Ellis at The Franschhoek Theatre

Renowned South African musical figures James Stewart and John Ellis are expected to set the stage alight during their upcoming concert.

Stewart, an Emmy-nominated artist who has also won several Samas, is known for his soulful voice and poignant songwriting.

His music combines elements of pop, rock and soul, creating a sound that is catchy and emotionally resonant.

Meanwhile, Ellis made a name for himself as the lead singer of the band Tree63, which gained international recognition for their powerful rock anthems.

With hits like “A Million Lights” and “Treasure”, the musician has a knack for crafting memorable melodies and lyrics.

From folk to alternative rock, he has also continued to explore various musical styles as a solo artist.

This musical duo is now set to create a dynamic and engaging musical experience that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

Where: Franschhoek Theatre.

When: March 22 at 6.30pm.

Cost: Tickets cost R200 and can be purchased from Webtickets.