LOOK: Loot Love gets emotional celebrating her twin daughters’ fifth birthday

Loot Love with her twin girls. Picture: Instagram

Loot Love with her twin girls. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 18, 2024


It still feels like yesterday when media personality Loot Love, real name Luthando Shosha, introduced us to her twin girls, Zanothando and Sisizwe.

Five years ago, on January 15, she gave birth to two beautiful daughters, whom she nicknamed Hip and Hop.

She was still dating local rapper Sizwe Alakine at the time, and they were both excited about the arrival of their twins.

Although they broke up, they continued to co-parent and be there for their children.

In celebrating her daughters’ fifth birthday, Loot Love took to social media to share some of her fond memories of her girls.

From playing dress-up to mimicking her as radio presenters and their cute little fights, their journey has been beautiful.

Seeing how far they’ve grown made Loot Love emotional.

“1825 Days a Mom. 1825 days of the new. I’m so emotional, I literally can’t believe you are both 5! You’re both so different, you have such distinct personalities.

“You’ve made mommy softer, you’ve brought colour into my world, melted my ice-cold heart… you are all the colours at full brightness. God gave me the greatest gift and also made sure you had each other.

“The purest love I’ve ever known, the brightest and warmest light I’ve ever experienced. We did it, and we have a lifetime to go. Happy birthday to my beams of light,” she wrote on Instagram.

Her friends commented on her post, commending her for being the best mom to her girls.

“My favourite girls. Happy birthday, beautiful girls. Can’t believe you both already 5. Magical day to you both. Chom’ I am so proud of you, you're doing so well as their Mama. Love you guys,” commented Tshepi Vundla.