Mpho Popps and his daughter unpack their bond on Jodell Tantij’s ‘5 Unscripted’ podcast

Imani Modikoane with her dad, Mpho “Popps” Modikoane. Picture: Instagram

Imani Modikoane with her dad, Mpho “Popps” Modikoane. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 9, 2024


Instead of offering humour, as he normally would, South African comedian, Mpho “Popps” Modikoane shared parenting advice in his latest interview.

Popps and his daughter, Imani Modikoane, recently visited Jodell Tantij at the “5 Unscripted” podcast, where they spoke about their daddy-daughter bond.

During the interview, Imani spilled the beans on her dad not being able to cook but admitted that she still thought he was “pretty cool”.

She also revealed that even though he was 37-years-old, he didn’t act or dress his age.

Meanwhile, Mpho laughed that being able to braai should be enough.

One a more serious note, Tantij questioned him about what he was doing to ensure Imani didn’t go through some of the struggles he went through growing up, like depression and bullying.

The comedian responded: “I make her aware of herself and instil confidence in her. I support everything that she does. I don’t force her into doing stuff.

“I make sure that I have certain conversations with Imani that I was not privy to. I always check up on her. I am aware of the inner workings of her school, I know if someone says something to her in a bullying manner and then I talk to her about it. Understanding how it made her feel, and then we plot retaliation.

“I teach her to have comebacks... clap back. She also lets me in on the inner workings of her friends. I think because we have those open chats I am open to guide her.”

He said although the father in him would react strongly to someone bullying his child, he was trying to take a different approach with Imani.

“I try to make her understand why kids behave the way they do and that it’s not a reflection on her, and how she should brush certain things off.

“I also constantly remind her to remind herself of her brilliance, of who she is, where she comes from, so that she’s not swayed or bothered by outside opinions.

“So I’ve seen what has happened in my life as a kid, pre-teen and as a teen and now I am making sure that Imani is not subjected to the same thing.”

Watch the full interview below: