The countdown begins for ‘Up The Creek’ 2024

Published Feb 6, 2024


With just a few days to go, the excitement for Jose Cuervo’s “Up The Creek” 2024 is reaching its peak.

The upcoming event has seen an unprecedented ticket rush, nearing sell-out status with just a few days left.

Early Bird and Phase 1 tickets are already sold out, leaving only a limited number of Phase 2 tickets available at R1780 for the eagerly anticipated four-day summer festival.

Taking place between February 8-11, the festival returns to its beloved farm on the banks of the Breede River, just outside Swellendam in the Cape.

The Breede River. Picture: SUPPLIED

The latest announcement for “Up The Creek 2024“ includes Phase 3 artists who will grace the stage. Among them are Dave Ferguson, Hugo Veldsman, Adyn Dust, Tomas Kranenburg, Dirty Disco Records, Rhythm & Dust, The Groove Missionaries, Murray, #Sozlol, Julian Place & The Misty Cliffs.

In an exclusive interview with the Misty Cliffs band, they gave the inside scoop on their recently released music.

“We hope people will resonate with the various themes of the songs, as much of the subject matter is universal and highly relatable,” said vocalist and guitarist, Nick Turner.

“Our goal is for the music to convey the unique vibe and heartbeat of Cape Town, leaving the listener in a reflective and uplifted mood. Primarily, we aim for the music to spread internationally, getting people bopping all over the world and yearning for more of the infectious TMC vibe.”

The artists express a profound connection to Cape Town and its surroundings in their work, considering the city as both a source of inspiration for their music and lyrics. The natural beauty of the region serves as their muse, influencing their sound.

“Speaking of the seasons, we have one song on the album called ‘Out of Season’. Just like Cape Town, known for its ever-changing weather patterns all in a single day, the song takes an introspective look at the seasonal and emotional ride we all endure on a daily basis.

“It could be winter in Muizenberg and clear, sunny skies in Clifton all in one day. The song serves as a reminder to be kind and gentle to others, as you never know what season they are experiencing, despite the weather outside,” Turner added.

The Misty Cliffs band. Picture: FACEBOOK

The festival has already revealed Phase 1 and 2 artists, featuring the likes of Jeremy Loops, Dirty Skirts, Springbok Nude Girls, Crimson House, Sean Koch, ZEBRA, Veranda Panda, Droomsindroom, Gerald Clark Band, Jannie Hanepoot van Tonder, and many more.

With such an impressive line-up, festival-goers can expect an unforgettable musical experience.

Caitlin Hanley, the Festival Director, expressed her excitement saying: "We're over the moon to see how Creekers young and old are showing record-breaking support for our long-running festival. We have a line-up that elevates only local talent, and we can't wait to share it with everyone very soon!"

What is a Creeker?

Creekers, the heart and soul of “Up The Creek”, are individuals who redefine the outdoor music festival experience. Living the story of music and connection to nature, Creekers are encouraged to bring their festie-besties to celebrate the return of this ultimate outdoor music festival.

— Cee (@CeecesTravel) February 11, 2020

The 10 Creeker Commandments

Yes, there are the 10 Creeker Commandments, which every Creeker, new or old, follows:

  1. Come as you are, everyone is special.
  2. Bring a vibe or bring your tribe. Or bring both!
  3. Braai is kiff, but not at the Creek. Sadly, no open fire dances.
  4. R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Find out what the environment means to me!
  5. We’ll float your boat, you bring the floatie.
  6. Love thy neighbour, the Creek supports staff and cleaners. High fives are rewarded with good karma.
  7. Live music is magic. Treat it with honour.
  8. Party with care. Forgetting your name and tent location is a lus.
  9. Ice + Water = Liquid Gold
  10. Tan lines will fade, but the memories will remain.

Annie Sowden, “Up The Creek Founder” said, "We're stoked to welcome Jeremy Loops and Damon Forbes as our partners.

As the second oldest festival in South Africa, “Up The Creek” has been running for more than 30 years and having these guys on board brings a wealth of expertise and fresh ideas to the table.

“With their extensive industry experience, we can't wait for them to help enhance the experience for die-hard Creekers while attracting a new wave of festival-goers. Together, we’re going to be weaving an awesome tapestry of tradition and innovation," she concluded.