WATCH: Tyla friendzones US streamer Kai Cenat

Tyla and Kai Cenat online stream. Picture: Instagram

Tyla and Kai Cenat online stream. Picture: Instagram

Published Mar 25, 2024


Tyla has recently dropped her long-awaited album. But it’s not just her music that’s got people talking – she’s been spotted mingling with Hollywood’s biggest stars.

One eyebrow-raising rumour suggests that Tyla may be part of the mysterious “Illuminati” group, a claim that gained traction after Blac Chyna’s mom weighed in on the speculation.

With whispers of secret societies and celebrity connections swirling around her, Tyla’s social circle is certainly causing a stir.

Tyla was recently caught on camera enjoying a night out with popular online personality, Kai Cenat. Their antics at the club went viral quickly, drawing attention from fans and media outlets alike.

— ryan 🤿 (@scubaryan_) March 23, 2024

Tyla also made a surprise appearance on Cenat’s livestream and the viewership rocketed to over 150 000, solidifying her status as a bona fide internet sensation.

@scubaryan_took to X: “Tyla arrives on Kai Cenat stream with over 150k+ viewers 😭🔥”

— ryan 🤿 (@scubaryan_) March 25, 2024

@SushiiWas commented: “I was in the stream from start to finish.. It was a MASSIVE W 😅😤”

@volt_ict commented: “Aye that streamer of the year award looks real good for Kai again 🔥”

@jaysoneerobert also wrote: ”Kai is the sh*t honestly“

While fans showered the YouTuber with praises for snagging the hottest musician in the biz, things took a sharp left turn when Cenat decided to throw caution to the wind and ask Tyla out on a date.

Let’s just say, it wasn’t the smooth sailing he hoped for.

Cenat said: “Whenever you get some free time, would you like to go on a date with me?

Tyla responded: “Uhm, we friends though.”

Yikes, instant friendzone!

— Kick Viral Clips 🎥 (@KickViralClips) March 25, 2024