Our top five wedding colour themes and the meaning behind them

Blue and grey are the perfect colour combination. Picture: Supplied.

Blue and grey are the perfect colour combination. Picture: Supplied.

Published Apr 18, 2024


Not every wedding should have a white or conservative theme.

While some prefer to go the traditional route, others are opting for different colours for specific reasons.

For example, depending on the couple, you may be invited to a pink or blue-themed wedding and when it happens, don’t be alarmed.

And if you didn’t know the meaning behind some wedding colour themes, Granny Mouse has helped us outline them.


Red is usually associated with passion and dominance. Couples who choose a red theme for their wedding are bold. Their most popular combinations are cherry red with black, cardinal red with grey, burgundy with gold and crimson with light brown.


While pink is associated with femininity, this colour is popular for couples who don’t want a white-themed wedding but still prefer a whimsical theme.

The most popular combinations of pink are coral with mink, dusty pink with ivory, carnation with magenta, and light pink with navy blue or grey.


Have you noticed how serene blue waters are? That’s exactly what is associated with the colour blue, serenity. It is also known as the colour of trust, and the best combinations would be navy with cranberry, pale blue with ivory, light blue with yellow and cerulean with sage.

Colour-themed weddings are fun. Picture: Supplied.


This colour exudes luxury, power and royalty. So if you want an opulent wedding, then it is the perfect one. The best combinations would be lilac with sage, plum with gold, deep purple with light grey, lavender with yellow and mulberry with orchid and yellow.


Yellow evokes energy and happiness. It also signifies curiosity and imagination, perfect for creative couples who enjoy learning and exploring.

The best combinations would be canary yellow with light blue, amber with marigold and navy, yellow with coral, emerald with cream and gold and yellow with lilac.