Sustainable brands showcased at Meetings Africa 2024

Eyitha Tours.

Eyitha Tours.

Published Mar 1, 2024


Talent supporters gathered at the Sandton Convention Centre to experience the Meetings Africa 2024 on February 27 and 28.

Meetings Africa is a pan-African business and trade show that allows exhibitors from more than 20 African countries to showcase their products and services.

At the Vibrant Sustainability Village, a section at the Meetings Africa trade show, 20 sustainable brands put their works on display.

“The Sustainability Village is an iconic feature of Meetings Africa, and this year, it featured 20 proudly South African vendors,” said Bjorn Hufkie of the South African National Convention Bureau.

“Through the products at the sustainability village, we not only promote these businesses and contribute to our country’s economy, but we also invite guests to select a piece of South Africa to take back home with them.

“It is all part of ensuring that we tell an authentic South African story. It’s an integral part of what makes South African events truly stand out. We can’t imagine a Meetings Africa without this delightful marketplace in a conference setting.”

“The village serves as a lively marketplace showcasing the craftsmanship and entrepreneurship of local talents. Initiatives like the Sustainability Village extend market access for artisans, creating a lasting impact beyond the three days of the Meetings Africa show.”

Eyitha Tours.

Some of the brands displaying their wares included Afro Sheep, which specialises in bucket hats, jerseys and shoes.

Matangwa Creations and BEE.EK Ceramic unpacked pottery, while Okuhle showcased bar soap, bath bombs and body scrubs.

Journey on P.S Leather World and Tjiane Creations had a range of handbags, wallets and purses.

Eyitha Tours showcased clothes and African prints. Leehle’s Crocheria and Handmade by Tebogo each had a range of crocheted products like bags and jerseys, while Runako Naturals had hair products.

Season Creations Accessories and Icherryefresh displayed jewellery and Still Flame candles.

Great Eye Trading showcased African attire and Jst Pati Glas glass products. Snezar Pty (Ltd) had a range of beautiful watches. Also offering accessories was Noona Stylez. Gogaga had laser-cut artwork, Ezemvelo was all about skincare.

Afrofrocs put out clothing items.

Season Creations Accessories.