WATCH: Forget bubblegum! Nara and Lucky Smith change the game as they whip up their own moisturiser

Nara and Lucky Smith. Picture: Lucky Blue Smith Instagram

Nara and Lucky Smith. Picture: Lucky Blue Smith Instagram

Published May 16, 2024


While Mzansi is trying to process one of Nara Smith’s recent “jaw-dropping” recipes; making bubblegum from scratch, the internet sensation and her husband, Lucky, have shaken followers again by making their own moisturiser.

In the voice-over of the one-minute video posted on TikTok, Nara says her husband ran out of the moisturiser he usually used but did not love it enough to buy it again, so he decided to make his own.

@naraazizasmith making a bigger batch as we speak🫶🏽 #easyrecipes #skincare #cleanbeauty #fypツ #marriage #fromscratch #coupletok ♬ O mio babbino caro (Gianni Schicchi:Puccini:Adami) - AllMusicGallery

Once again, people were left baffled by this couple’s recipe creation.

One user wrote: “You are doing too much now.”

A second user wrote: “Making your own skincare from scratch is insane.”

A third commented: “This is something I actually do, making your own skin care really changes the game. Nothing works on my skin like mine”, to which Nara responded: “I know, it’s been so interesting learning all these different things.”

Many others suggested that the couple launch their own beauty line.

“Over here patiently waiting on the Nara Smith range. Home, cooking, skincare! Heck if she were selling air I would buy some” wrote one user.

“Alright when's the Nara Smith skincare line coming out?” asked another user.

Nara’s content is, in many respects, different from that of many other lifestyle accounts.

Though she seems to trend with every new TikTok video or Instagram reel, her content reached beyond its usual scope like the time she posted baby names that she considered last December.

In the video, Nara prefaces the list by saying: “Our kids have pretty unique names, so these might be a little out there," before diving into the names.

“Among them were Pear, Dawn, Pepper, Bubble – as a middle name, of course – and Cherry, a name that she says her husband did not love, but viewers went wild over in the comments.

Besides her children’s unusual names, she has also captured the internet’s attention with her cooking videos in which she regularly prepares labour-intensive meals or ingredients on a whim.

Many fans are shocked by the amount of time Nara takes daily to prepare three seemingly time-consuming meals for her family.

While some were are impressed by the complicated dishes she makes, others voiced concerns that her lifestyle and online persona promoted the “tradwife” lifestyle.