WATCH: Weird debate on ‘correct way to eat a sandwich’ will make you think twice about your next bite

People are debating over the right way to eat a sandwich. Picture: Food Porn TikTok Screenshot

People are debating over the right way to eat a sandwich. Picture: Food Porn TikTok Screenshot

Published Apr 4, 2024


The internet keeps buzzing with bizarre debates and people enthusiastically participating.

At the moment, people are debating over the right way to eat a sandwich. Be it breakfast, mid-day snacks, evening munchies or even dinner, sandwiches can never disappoint you in any way.

Filled with healthy veggies and finger-licking sauces, you can also easily customise this snack by experimenting with different ingredients and dressings. But the question stands, how do you actually eat these tasty yet filling snacks?

According to social media users, the way you bite your sandwich tells others a lot about your personality.

The dispute started when the TikTok account @foodporn uploaded a video that included a photo of a half-eaten sandwich along with the seemingly innocent question: "Which one would be ur next bite?"

Various parts of the sandwich were labelled A, B or C to help viewers choose what part they would bite next.

TikTok content creator Adam Best gave his take: “We can all agree that A is the wrong answer. No sane human being comes across this sandwich scenario and goes in for the A, that’s the wrong answer.”

Between B and C, he declared, “Objectively, the correct answer is C. Because, with C, you are not taking the centre; you are rounding out the sandwich. You are distributing the toppings to bites evenly throughout the sandwich.”

“Choosing B could result in getting sauce on your face”, added Best.

@adamrobertbest Debating the correct way to eat a sandwich. Would you go with A B or C? #sandwich #funny ♬ original sound - Adam Best

The debate has sparked strong opinions among social media users, with some labelling those who choose option B as “insane”.

The A option did receive some praise in the comments, with some declaring it sets up better bites.

“Anyone going for B is legitimately a psycho,” one user commented.

“If it is not your sandwich it’s B. If it is yours then C,” another wrote.

As another mused: “C, then B. Gotta maximise the flavour down the home stretch.”

“I’m going C, not because I want it but because of how good B will be after C,” one added.

Another social media user wrote: “I would start B but knowing that C will quickly be sharing that mouthful. I’ve got flavour in there and I want to add some crust crunch on the heels.”

It looks like this debate will continue for a while as people on the internet keep presenting their wild theories on how to properly bite down on a sandwich.