Woman reveals she was shamed for being non-traditional, child-free and happy at 37

Emily Hart travel influencer. Picture: Instagram

Emily Hart travel influencer. Picture: Instagram

Published Apr 2, 2024


In the world of social media influencers, there’s someone for every interest, whether it's fashion, lifestyle or sports.

Likewise, the trad wife movement is made up of Christian, conservative millennial and Gen Z women who are choosing to focus on home-making instead of pursuing careers.

For them, it’s not just a practical decision but a philosophical one.

“Have you heard of ‘trad wives’? These women, often seen in flowery dresses and lavish country kitchens, are advocating for a return to 1950s gender norms, and it’s causing quite a stir.

American travel influencer Emily Hart shared her story of living a fulfilling, child-free life at 37 and embracing solo travel. Picture: Emily Hart/Instagram

While solo travellers and corporate women are celebrated, the pressure to conform to traditional gender roles exists. Many women feel judged for choosing not to have children, as if they haven’t fulfilled their role in life.

The pressure can lead to hurtful trolling, as one woman in the US experienced when she shared her happiness at being single and child-free at 37.

It’s a complex and often controversial topic, shining a light on the discussions around gender roles and societal expectations.

American travel influencer, Emily Hart, bravely shared her story of living a fulfilling, child-free life at 37 and embracing solo travel. However, her positive message was met with online trolling and negativity.

Despite being happy with her life on the road, Hart faced harsh criticism after expressing her contentment with being single and without children. In a piece for Today.com, she detailed the challenges she faced as a result of her openness.

Hart’s post, which reached more than 16 million views, was bombarded with hurtful comments from strangers questioning her happiness and accusing her of being deluded.

“I woke up with hundreds of new comments, nearly all hurtful,” she wrote in a piece for Today.com.

“From primarily men, but also women, many with Bible verses and ‘kindness’ in their bios, telling me every variation of ‘you will die alone’ and ‘no one wants you anyway’ that they could muster.

“I tried to delete and block, but it quickly became too overwhelming … it was terrifying.”

After her story gained widespread attention, Hart, now 38, discovered that she was not alone in her struggle. Many others have faced similar attacks for simply living life on their own terms.

Hart, known as @emilyventures on Instagram, opened up about the criticism she faced after sharing a video of her travels, captioned: “Age 37: Never married. No Kids.”

The post attracted negative attention from those who uphold traditional gender roles, taking a toll on her mental well-being.

Despite hoping that the backlash would fade, Hart continued to receive hurtful comments and emails even six months after her initial post went viral.

One particularly cruel message, which she shared in her essay, called her a “pathetic cow” for not being married or having children at 37.

Another comment suggested that feminism had misled her into thinking she was happy.

“It’s not normal to have this much negativity thrown at you. I tried to explain to friends, but the truth is not many people have ever or will ever experience anything like this,” she wrote.

“I tried to delete and block, but it quickly became too overwhelming. That first week, I don’t think I slept more than 30 minutes at a time.”

“The response to the essay has been really lovely and overwhelmingly positive with many women reaching out who can relate,” she told the “New York Post”.

Despite the challenges, Hart has persevered in her travel adventures. She proudly shared that she has explored all 50 states in her home country and nearly every national park, using her experiences to raise awareness about cyberbullying.

“I want to use my experiences to clear the field for others, and I believe vulnerability and honesty are how to do it,” she said.