Discover Africa’s hidden gem wedding destinations

Picture: INSTAGRAM/nvd_weddings

Picture: INSTAGRAM/nvd_weddings

Published Apr 8, 2024


Tired of the same old wedding venues? Ready to ditch the traditional chapel for something more adventurous? Hold on to your bouquet because we're about to whisk you away on a journey across Africa’s “most wanted“ wedding destinations.

From the majestic vineyards of South Africa to the historic forts of Ghana, each spot offers its own taste of romance, culture and breathtaking scenery.

A study by GoldTrust, a South African engagement ring specialist, revealed the top African destinations for dream weddings.

South Africa is the most popular choice, with Ghana, Nigeria and Morocco close behind, highlighting the continent’s diverse appeal.

Western Cape destination wedding. Picture: INSTAGRAM

South Africa

South Africa tops the list for its diverse landscapes, from the lush vineyards of Stellenbosch to the golden beaches of Cape Town.

Couples can exchange vows against the backdrop of Table Mountain or host a reception in a luxurious wine estate.

The blend of luxury, adventure and natural beauty makes South Africa an irresistible choice for couples seeking a wedding that’s romantic and thrilling.

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Ghana is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by couples seeking a wedding destination that’s steeped in history and natural beauty. Imagine exchanging vows against the backdrop of majestic forts like Cape Coast Castle, where every stone tells a story of resilience and heritage.

The historic sites add a touch of significance and authenticity to your special day.

Ghana’s coastline is dotted with welcoming beaches that offer couples a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here, you can feel the soft sand beneath your feet and hear the gentle lull of the waves as you say “I do” in an intimate ceremony surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Wedding in Ibadan, Nigeria. Picture: INSTAGRAM/moeventsville


Nigeria is like a treasure chest overflowing with vibrant colours, pulsating rhythms and rich traditions, making it an ideal destination for couples seeking an unforgettable wedding adventure.

From the bustling streets of Lagos, filled with life and the sounds of drums and laughter to the serene beauty of Calabar, with its greenery and tranquil landscapes, the destination offers the perfect setting for exchanging vows.

Weddings in Nigeria are not just ceremonies; they’re celebrations bursting with energy and good vibes. From the moment you step foot into the country, you’ll be swept up in a whirlwind of music, dance and heartfelt traditions that reflect Nigeria’s diverse heritage.

Wedding in Morocco. Picture: INSTAGRAM/iva.and.vedran


With its mesmerising blend of ancient architecture and modern vibrancy, Morocco is a the destination for a wedding straight out of a fairy tale.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Picture exchanging vows in the serene tranquillity of the desert, surrounded by endless dunes that stretch to the horizon. Under the starry sky, you’ll feel a sense of wonder and enchantment that’s unforgettable.

Mauritus wedding. Picture: INSTAGRAM/wedding_destination_mauritius

Mauritius and Seychelles

For couples dreaming of a tropical paradise, Mauritius and Seychelles offer pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters and luxurious resorts.

The idyllic island destinations provide the perfect setting for intimate ceremonies and romantic getaways.

From sunset beach weddings to underwater ceremonies, Mauritius and Seychelles offer couples a slice of paradise to celebrate their love.

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Cameroon and Sierra Leone

Couples are increasingly turning their gaze towards the lesser-known corners of Africa. Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Sudan might not be the first places that come to mind when planning a wedding but they are emerging as options for couples seeking an off-the-beaten-path experience.

Sierra Leone is blessed with some of the most beautiful and untouched beaches in Africa, making it an ideal destination for couples dreaming of a seaside wedding.

Here, soft sands meet crystal-clear waters, offering a peaceful setting for intimate ceremonies and relaxed celebrations.

Sudan and South Sudan

Stepping into Sudan feels like stepping back in time, with its ancient temples, pyramids and historic landmarks.

For couples seeking a wedding infused with a sense of profound heritage, Sudan offers a unique backdrop. Imagine exchanging vows amid the grandeur of ancient architecture, surrounded by the echoes of centuries past.

For adventurous couples looking to make a bold statement, South Sudan offers the path less taken. Weddings here are about embracing the unknown and forging new paths together.

Whether exchanging vows amid the wilderness or celebrating under the starry skies, couples can create an unforgettable wedding experience in South Sudan that’s as daring as it is romantic.