LOOK: 6 trending destinations for 2024

A traveller enjoys some time alone at a beach. Picture: Unsplash

A traveller enjoys some time alone at a beach. Picture: Unsplash

Published Jan 15, 2024


Travellers constantly rate their experiences after exploring their holiday destinations. The ratings and reviews help future travellers decide whether they would like to explore a destination.

Tripadvisor, one of the biggest online bookings platforms and travel guide recently revealed its Travelers’ Choice Awards for 2024.

Tripadvisor said its Travelers’ Choice Awards Best of the Best winners were destinations whose hotels, restaurants and things to do received a high volume of above-and-beyond reviews and opinions from their community over 12 months.

It said that fewer than 1% of its eight million listings were awarded Best of the Best, signifying the highest level of excellence in travel.

The list of trending destinations, according to the travel guide, are listed below:

1. Tokyo, Japan

A couple paddles an animated boat at Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan. Picture: Unsplash

Tradition collides with pop culture in Tokyo and here, visitors can reverently wander ancient temples before rocking out at a karaoke bar.

Tokyo has a host of things to do for travellers, from waking up before the sun to catch the lively fish auction at the Toyosu Market to taking a leisurely walk beneath the cherry blossom trees that line the Sumida River.

You can also spend some time in the beautiful East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, then brush up on your Japanese history at the Edo-Tokyo Museum or enjoy the region’s delectable cuisine including sushi, udon noodles and wagashi (Japanese sweets).

2. Seoul, South Korea

Unesco World Heritage Site Changdeokgung Palace. Picture: Unsplash

Seoul is the business and cultural hub of South Korea, where skyscrapers tower over Buddhist temples. You can take it all in from the N Seoul Tower, built atop a peak in Namsan Park.

The tea houses and shops of Insadong give you a taste of Korean flavour, which you can further experience with a visit to the grounds and museums of Gyeongbokgung.

Unesco World Heritage Site Changdeokgung Palace is a fine example of authentic ancient architecture.

3. Halong Bay, Vietnam

A boat touring Halong Bay. Picture: Website

TripAdvisor says travellers visit Halong Bay for an up-close look at its amazing limestone islands, rock formations and caves.

Whittled away over centuries by wind and water, they’re breathtaking. Rent either a kayak or a junk boat, or take a tour to explore the area.

4. Palawan Island, Philippines

Boats floating on blue waters at Palawan Island. Picture: Website

Palawan is a slice of heaven, a sliver of an island that teems with exotic wildlife, quaint fishing villages and Unesco World Heritage Sites.

Wave hello to endangered animals at the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary or explore the Japanese shipwrecks of Coron Island, regarded as one of the best dive sites in the world.

A guided boat tour of the Puerto Princesa Underground River will take your breath away.

5. Sapa, Vietnam

Sapa is great trekking base for travellers looking to explore rugged mountains. PIcture: Website

The north-west market town of Sapa is colourful and charming, providing the perfect oasis in the middle of a strenuous mountain trek or rice-paddy tour.

The Gothic stone church in the centre of town is a bull’s-eye amid shops and stalls, serving as a reminder of the town’s French missionary influence.

Dine on Vietnamese or European-inspired cuisine downtown and don’t miss the Saturday night “love market”, one of the most potent - and strictest - single’s nights imaginable.

6. Bogota, Colombia

City of urban Bogota with high-rise buildings, Colombia. Picture: Unsplash

Vibrant Bogota is home to 10 million people and the energy of the metropolitan heart of Colombia is, in part, fuelled by its hundreds of eclectic and authentic dining hot spots, fantastic wines, and frequent foodie festivals.

When visiting, ask the locals where they like to eat, then walk off your empanadas and aji and stroll through the historic district of La Candelaria or during an indulgent shopping adventure on the North Side.

7. Pattaya, Thailand

An aerial view of heaven on earth, also known as Pattaya. Picture: Unsplash

A visit to Pattaya is a wonderful way to explore the beaches along the Gulf of Thailand. Relaxed and family-friendly Jomtien Beach is a hot spot for watersports and seaside massages.

The giant Buddha of Wat Khao Phra Bat keeps watch over the city, and the wooden Wang Boran Sanctuary of Truth pays homage to Buddhist and Hindu art and architecture.

At night, tons of bars and strip clubs attract an adults-only crowd.