SA TikTok users weigh in on the extension of tourist visas after UK content creator revealed she will be kicked out of the country

A view of Table Mountain in the Mother City. Picture: Unsplash

A view of Table Mountain in the Mother City. Picture: Unsplash

Published Feb 20, 2024


Tourists visiting South Africa should abide by South African laws and follow visa requirements. Those are the sentiments of Mzansi TikTokkers, who have rallied behind South African content creator, @thottomanempire, who is also known Beks.

This comes after popular British TikTokker, Wholesome Mils, shared a video saying that she would be kicked out of Mzansi after it was reported in local media that the Department of Home Affairs said that tourists who haven’t received their tourist visa renewals by the end of February should vacate the country.

@thottomanempire #stitch with @Wholesome Mils ♬ Dance You Outta My Head - Cat Janice

Mils is a UK national and content creator, who has shared content on things she loves about visiting South Africa and how she regularly visits the country.

The issue has prompted debate on social media with creators such as @thottomanempire pointing out that extended stay tourists like Mils have exacerbated the accommodation crisis in Cape Town, driving up the cost of living for regular South Africans.

“Bye girl! I’m so sorry but imagine not knowing the visa requirements of a place you’re staying in. That’s crazy! Obviously she stays in Cape Town so the housing market about to look a lot better. Go back to London,” responded @thottomanempire.

Users who rallied behind Beks were also in the comments section sharing their views on the matter.

@khanyamkuhlu, commented: “You’re so real for this 😭😭😭.”

To which Beks responded: “😭😭 they must all leave so all those cafe’s on the seaboard lose the gall and gumption to charge R100 for a toastie.”

Another user, @thii.kwaa, said: “I literally thought the same thing because if it was the other way around I feel like we would’ve been sent back already 😳”

To which, Beks responded: “Babe exactly!! And they overstay their visas all the time they literally laugh about it so time is up mamiiii ✈️see ya!”

The Department of Home Affairs Home has said that its statements on tourist visas was released erroneously while minister Aaron Motsoaledi clarified during the Sona Debate that the country was not chasing away any visitors and that in terms of the terms of the Immigration Act, travellers on visitors or tourist visas have between 30 and a maximum of 90 days to be in South Africa, which can be extended to 180 days following which, there will be no more extensions according to the law.

“All visitors know that and have been practising that for ages without the department being accused of chasing away tourists,” said the minister.