Views of Ordinary South Africans on Roy Moodley's Party

Roy Moodley. Picture: Supplied

Roy Moodley. Picture: Supplied

Published Apr 9, 2024


Lately, there has been a growing interest in the political landscape of South Africa, with different parties vying for the attention and support of the public on May 29 2024.

One party that has caught people's attention is the party led by Durban businessman and philanthropist, Roy Moodley.

In this article below I aim to explore the opinions of ordinary South Africans on Roy Moodley's party and shed light on the African Movement Congress.

Roy Moodley's Party: A Game-Changer?

Durban businessman and philanthropist, Roy Moodley, strongly believes that his newly formed political party will be the game-changer in South Africa's next elections.

With a vision to bring about positive change and address the pressing issues faced by the country, Moodley's party has gained traction among some sections of the population. The party contains the word Movement in their name which emphasises that they are serious about moving South Africa forward.

The name itself suggests that this party is serious and wants to be held accountable and live up to its name. What greater incentive can there be.

Moodley's party aims to be a dynamic vanguard organisation that leads the charge in transforming South Africa. While the party's specific policies and agenda are yet to be fully revealed, its formation has sparked curiosity and debate among ordinary South Africans.

Public Perception and Concerns

As with any political party, the opinions of ordinary South Africans on Roy Moodley's party are diverse and varied. Some individuals see the party as a breath of fresh air, offering an alternative to the existing political landscape. They view Moodley's business acumen and philanthropic endeavours as potential assets that could contribute to effective governance.

However, there are also concerns raised by critics and sceptics. Moodley's association with some of South Africa's most egregious State Capture scandals has raised eyebrows and led to questions about his credibility and suitability for political leadership. These concerns highlight the importance of transparency and accountability in the political sphere.

It is important that the public must know that as a high profile very successful businessman Roy Moodley has unfortunately also drawn the ire of his business competitors and it is them who mentioned his name to the Zondo Commission in order to score cheap points and undermine his many highly successful businesses.

African Movement Congress: Uniquely Founded in the Rule of Faith

The African Movement Congress, the party led by Roy Moodley, describes itself as an organisation uniquely founded in the rule of faith in South African society.

Through individual and collective efforts, the party aims to bridge diverse differences and work towards a united and prosperous South Africa. Many ordinary citizens have made known their appreciation of African Movement Congress as they see any movement based on faith as a step in the right direction as the overwhelming majority in South Africa is a faithful nation.

While the party's specific policies and strategies are yet to be fully outlined, its emphasis on faith and unity resonates with some individuals who believe in the power of collective action and shared values.

Success of Indians Across the World

In addition to exploring the opinions on Roy Moodley's party, it is worth mentioning the success of Indians across the world besides luminaries such as Roy Moodley. The Indian diaspora has made significant contributions in various fields, including business, technology, arts, and academia. Indian entrepreneurs and professionals have excelled globally, showcasing their talent, skills, and determination.

From Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Indians have established themselves as leaders and innovators, making a mark in diverse industries. Their success stories serve as an inspiration to many, highlighting the potential for individuals to achieve greatness regardless of their background.

In the USA many Senators and Congressman are Indians and Nikki Haley was US Ambassador at the UN. Right now there is and Indian prominent in the US as a candidate for president Vivek Ramaswamy who himself is the owner of a massive Chemical Company. Indians are the only nation who have a Miss India Contest in many countries of the world where they form a significant part of the society especially in business. Ro Khanna a Democratic representative is currently prominent for questioning US military aid to Israel as it is using it for Genocide of the Palestinians. Over 50 Americans of Indian descent have served in Congress and all have been very prominent and proud of the Indian Heritage which is the oldest continuous culture in the world.

The Way Forward

The opinions of ordinary South Africans on Roy Moodley's party are multifaceted, reflecting the diversity of viewpoints within the population. While some individuals see the party as a potential game-changer, others have concerns about Moodley's association with State Capture scandals due to the media always distorting the facts and still discriminating against blacks.

The African Movement Congress, with its emphasis on faith and unity, aims to bring about positive change in South Africa especially with the current load shedding crisis running for 16 years with no end in sight.

We have had a crisis in confidence when millions in dollars in cash was found on the farm of Cyril Ramaphosa and recently the Speaker was arrested for corruption ordinary South Africans are crying out for change we can believe in. A movement for a better life and not a bitter life.

Furthermore, the success of Indians across the world serves as a testament to the achievements of the Indian diaspora. Their contributions in various fields have made a significant impact and continue to inspire others to strive for excellence.

As South Africa's political landscape evolves, it is essential for citizens to engage in informed discussions and debates, ensuring that their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. Only through active participation can the country move towards a brighter and more inclusive future.

As an independent writer and political commentator I implore other writes and political pundits to also inform the public wisely so they can make informed decisions based on facts and the track record of its leaders. Indians around the world are renowned as businessmen and creating jobs.

South Africa needs jobs to counter poverty our biggest enemy.

* Menzi Khumalo is Executive Chairman for RSA Global Citizens Forum.

** The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of IOL or Independent Media.