With the Easter weekend near, Sun City’s World Within a World is the experience to have

With over 30 restaurants in addition to sun and relaxation, Sun City is the perfect Easter weekend destination. Picture: Supplied

With over 30 restaurants in addition to sun and relaxation, Sun City is the perfect Easter weekend destination. Picture: Supplied

Published Mar 24, 2024


AS THE country - and world - prepares for the first long weekend of the year, and one which falls just as the summer wanes and makes way for cooler days, families and friends are looking up destinations to enjoy the last of the sun, and enjoy good food, too.

And while the country is surrounded by so many coastal choices, few places combine luxury, simplicity, good food and enjoyment in one venue.

Sun City in the North West province has offered itself as the perfect place to be, having, over the years, hosted the ordinary person, kings, queens, celebrities and other notables, and as it continues to evolve to accommodate an ever increasing need.

And while many know it for hosting high level events, having international movies shot there, and as thousands flock for the experience of the man-made lagoon - the Valley of the Waves, which churns out artificial waves and features slides and other thrills - Sun City managers have pointed out that it is much more than that.

Besides luxurious hotels and privacy for those who prefer it during the long weekend, they say it is perfect for a getaway over this period, when guests can soak in the sun and beautiful weather while overlooking the perfect landscape and among happy people.

They said the experience there has to be anchored by the restaurants on offer and the resort’s Love Every Food Moment theme, which underpins the laid back to indulgent atmosphere.

“Sun City has dining options for all palates, which take young and old on the perfect gastronomical journey produced in the diverse food and beverage choices prepared in the 30 restaurants and take-away choices,” general manager Brett Hoppé said.

There is no such thing as too much choice in life, he said. “Options for the whole family is what Sun City Resort is all about.”

Sun City is geared to ensure that guests fall in love with every food moment as they cater for all tastes and wallets and offer options from smart to casual as well as family and take-aways, “and even halaal”, Hoppé added.

From steaks to pizza, burgers and seafood, Italian, Indian, Afro- French and Asian cuisine, braai meat, pap and Mexican, chefs at Sun City are in high gear to feed anyone who walks through their doors.

And, ahead of Good Friday is, among them, Chef Mahle Mihlali Vellem from Leloko Bistro at the Sun Vacation Club, who has what he calls an easy to prepare delectable Cape Malay Pickled Fish recipe to share. “This is the South African Easter special,” he said.

But so have all the other restaurants, some offering a wide variety of Asian food, Indian cuisine, fast food and fine dining.

Said the new Elements restaurant management: “For true South African cuisine paired with an entertainment experience, you get to enjoy special South African dishes with braai meat options that will connect you to the true culture of the region.”

Salsa Mexican Grill came through to discuss authentic Mexican food cooked to authentic recipes. “And, of course, no fiesta would be complete without delicious refreshments,” they said of their fresh-pressed juices, signature cocktails, and a custom range of craft tequilas.

Fine dining guests have their choice at The Palace’s Crystal Court Restaurant and the Grill Room with its New York steakhouse. Sun City Hotel comes in with The Raj Restaurant and spicy Indian culinary, all halaal.

Old, tried and tested fast food joints are also on standby for the less fussy and on the move in the form of Rocomamas, Debonairs, Nando’s, Ocean Basket and Milky Lane, while Wimpy, situated at the Valley of the Waves alongside Steers, offers traditional breakfasts and burgers to be enjoyed through the day.

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