‘Big Brother Mzansi’ is back again after interruption due to stage 6 load shedding

The season of Big Brother Mzansi kicks off

The season of Big Brother Mzansi kicks off

Published Feb 11, 2024


With the country grappling with ongoing blackouts, “Big Brother Mzansi” viewers have also had to bear the weight of power outages when their viewing was interrupted.

While scores of viewers expressed their frustrations on social media, Mzansi Magic explained how the production was interrupted, citing Stage 6 load shedding as the main reason.

“Mzansi Magic is aware of the loss in transmission on the Big Brother Mzansi channel, channel 198. Due to Stage 6 load shedding, back-up power generation was affected.

“The production team is working hard to get more backup generators for the show to resume transmission. We would like to assure viewers that extra security measures have been put in place to ensure that housemates are safe and they remain under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

“Transmission on the channel will resume as soon as more backup power has been restored.’’

The show has maintained its consistency in providing entertainment despite the disqualification of its member BravoB who was kicked out because of derogatory remarks made on live television.

In videos that sparked controversy, BravoB was heard speaking about having sex with some of the female housemates when they were intoxicated.

MultiChoice issued a statement pointing out that it does not condone any behaviour that endangers the safety of other housemates.

“MultiChoice has investigated the matter regarding a conversation between two housemates on ‘Big Brother Mzansi.

“We do not condone any acts that threaten the safety of the housemates on the show, and we take gender-based violence seriously.

“The housemate who initiated and drove the conversation (BravoB) has been disqualified from the game, and the other housemate (Makhekhe) will face a reprimand from Big Brother with a social lesson on behaviour etiquette.

“Mzansi Magic will ensure that Makhekhe is coached to call out anyone who speaks or behaves in a derogatory manner.”

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