Three educators on 13-year-old Primrose Primary learner’s ‘hit list’

Published Feb 19, 2024


Three teachers were on the ‘hit list’ of the 13-year-old learner from Primrose Primary School, the Gauteng Department of Education has revealed.

The plan was revealed by Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane following a visit to the school earlier on Monday, after the Grade 6 learner from the school shot and injured the principal on Friday last week.

Chiloane said the learners and the educators at the school were shocked and still shaken following the shooting incident, especially after some of the details that have come out since the child was apprehended.

Gauteng Education MEC Matome Chiloane speaks to media at Primrose Primary school where the principal was shot by a Grade 6 learner on Friday Picture: GDE Media

According to the Education MEC, the plot to shoot the educators was planned through a messaging group on WhatsApp, with the targets being the class teacher, the principal and the deputy principal.

While the shooting may have come as a surprise to educators and parents at the school, Chiloane said following interviews with some of the learners’ friends, it was found that the planning of the shooting had been in the planning for quite some time.

“The people that were targeted were the class teacher, the deputy principal and the principal, as according to the child, these were three people giving him problems at school as they are notifying the parents.”

The MEC said that on Friday the parents had been called to the school to discuss the child’ spoor performance, and to inquire about why the child’s homework book had not been signed for five weeks.

Meetings had been held with the parents of the child, with the child reporting during interviews of being scared to inform the parents as a result of the punishment that would be meted out; authorities believe this may point to some signs of abuse.

In the interim, the child is set to appear before court this week while his father has since been arrested and is expected to also appear before the court for child negligence.

The principal is still recovering from the gunshot wound in hospital.

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