What you can learn by going shark cage diving

Apex Shark Expeditions. Image: Supplied.

Apex Shark Expeditions. Image: Supplied.

Published Mar 15, 2024


As the old saying goes, you’re never too old to learn. The ocean is home to a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be explored. Shark cage diving in Cape Town offers guests a unique and thought-provoking experience. So, besides the thrills and adrenaline, what can you learn by going shark cage diving?

1. Shark Fins and Tails

We all know the scene in Jaws, when the heart beating music is playing and all we see is the shark fin approaching. The fins and tails are an easy way to identify a shark when water visibility is low. Their tail fins, also called the caudal fins, are unique among all fishes and are believed to assist them in cutting the water while swimming. After your trip, you should be able to identify the shark you saw just by looking at their fins.

2. Marks

You’ll be able to see the different markings on sharks that tell their life story. All sharks wear different scars and marks. These marks can occur through mating, fighting over territory and while hunting their prey.

3. Pregnancy

On some shark cage diving in Cape Town trips, the skilful and experienced crew can identify when a shark is pregnant. Just the opportunity to see a shark in its natural habitat is a privilege, but to see a pregnant shark is a real stroke of good luck! Most recently a drone caught a live birth of a baby Great White Shark. Anything is possible in the wild!

4. Behaviours

As the sharks approach the boat, the crew can show you their curious behaviour. Sharks have long been known to approach fishing boats, and shark cage diving boats allow the opportunity to observe them without endangering them. Once the bait handler deploys a fish head into the water, the shark comes to inspect the boat and activity nearby.

5. How they interact with other animals

Cape Town is not only home to various species of sharks, but also home to the Cape Fur Seal colony. Seals are a favourite meal among sharks such as the Great White and Tiger Sharks. It is not uncommon to witness the predation of seals and other fish.

Cape Fur Seal Colony. Image: Supplied

6. Their threats and conservation

Sharks are vulnerable and are threatened by extinction mainly due to the actions of humans. On the shark cage diving excursions, the tone of all trips is ultimately the passion for sharks and saving them. Guests are encouraged to share the message of shark conservation and to raise awareness. It is only through these close encounters that people can connect with sharks and see them for what they are.

7. Landmarks and History

The crew onboard are your personal guides for the day! When choosing Cape Town as your tour operator location, you’ll be informed on the history of the area which includes the naval base, the penguin colony at Boulders Beach and the famous Cape Point.

Everyday is different and unpredictable on the waters and there’s something new to learn on each trip. This is one of the main reasons why shark cage diving companies experience returning guests. So, book your trip soon, you never know what new things you might learn!

Everyday is different and unpredictable on the waters and there’s something new to learn on each trip. Image: Supplied