What to pack in your first aid kit when travelling

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit when travelling. Picture: Freepik Krakenimages

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit when travelling. Picture: Freepik Krakenimages

Published Dec 12, 2023


With the festive season rapidly approaching, many people are already making plans to hit the road.

There are lots to consider when preparing for a trip but there’s one thing that many people tend to forget about.

That’s to pack a first aid kit.

Accidents and unexpected health issues can happen anywhere, so having a well-stocked first aid kit can provide peace of mind and ensure you're prepared for any situation.

Here are some essential items to include in your travel first aid kit.

Adhesive plasters: Pack a variety of adhesive plasters in different sizes to treat minor cuts, scrapes, and blisters.

Gauze: Keep gauze pads and a roll of gauze for bigger injuries that need more than a plaster.

Antiseptic wipes: Antiseptic wipes or liquid can help prevent infections and promote faster healing.

Tweezers: Useful for removing splinters or foreign objects that may get lodged in the skin.

Scissors: You might need this tool to cut gauze, bandages or open medication packages.

Thermometer: Check for a fever with a reliable thermometer, and clean it with an antibacterial wipe when you’re done.

Pain relief medication: Over-the-counter painkillers to treat pain and/or fever such as paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin. Include a children’s formula if you have kids.

A well-packed first aid kit is essential when travelling. Picture: Freepik

Antihistamines: These can be helpful for seasonal allergies or insect bites that can occur during your travels.

Anti-diarrhoea medication: Anti-diarrhoeal medication for symptom management of mild and moderate diarrhoea.

Disposable gloves: Pack a pair of disposable gloves to protect yourself when administering first aid or coming into contact with bodily fluids.

Prescriptions and medications: If you have any chronic conditions or allergies, ensure you pack an adequate supply of your prescription medications.

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